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WOM Tip #202: Add something fun to everything you give your customers |


What do you guys think about this as a possibility down the road for making learning fun?


Zombies, Run! Turns Your Exercise Routine into a Game of Survival

iOS: Not motivated to start running? Would it help if you were trying to escape a pack of brain-hungry zombies? If the possibility of a gruesome death is enough to get your legs moving, Zombies, Run! is an app that will get you going.

Zombies, Run! is a pretty great idea. Instead of escaping the hordes of the undead from the safety of your couch, the app pairs the survival story with your music to motivate you to run. You start by surviving a crash over Abel Township, a tiny village overrun with zombies. Your first mission is to run as fast as you can to a nearby tower to find shelter. Will you be safe when you get there? Who knows, but if you stay put you’ll be food.

As you move along your path you’ll pick up useful items along the way. You can see in the screenshot above that I picked up an axe, some underwear, and a book. I’m not yet sure what I’ll do with these items, but it was kind of fun hearing them appear as I ran. In the moments between picking up items, progressing with the story, and earning achievements, you get to listen to any playlist of your choice. As you move along, the app tracks your distance and your pace. Although it was a little off at first, after a few seconds it settled on a more accurate measurement. You can run for as long as you want and just pause the app when you’re ready to head back in. When the next day rolls around, just re-open the app and pick up where you left off.

Overall, Zombies, Run! is a really cool way to get outside and exercise. If you’ve needed some added motivation, try the fear of an untimely and horribly gruesome death. It’ll cost you $8, which is a little on the pricey side for an iPhone app, but you’ll probably find it too charming, clever, and useful to resist.

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Human Rocking Chair

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The trick is…you just gotta look up. 🙂

Won’t Back Down

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Sometimes you have to get a little creative to get noticed. Haley and I made this video to go along with our offer on our first home. Through the grace of God, our offer was chosen out of 45 other offers.

Finer Things Club

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The start of a fun journey